Ticking time bomb not just another protest

Ticking time bomb not just another protest

Ticking time bomb not just another protest

Gurbax Rawat March 31, 2021

In the last couple of months I made two trips to Delhi and witnessed the biggest revolution and protest I have seen in my lifetime. Whether we like it or not we have become one with the farmers protest. During both my journeys to Delhi and back I witnessed hundreds of tractors ferrying old men, women and children to the protest site. Historic people's movement led by farmers has indulged everyone due to its massive scale and peaceful approach. Unfortunately, those who have fed the nation for thousands of years have lately been under attack from the state and Centre and faced false accusation of antinational activities and sedition. Many have use their smartphones to amplify the demands of the protesting farmers and are spreading the word as a matter of favor to the one who has fed them.

Administration, political packs and the mainstream media seem to have forfeited their role and the democratic process for which we take a lot of pride appears to have been dismantled completely. The farmers have not only been failed by the government, administration, political packs but also by the failing judicial system in the country. While the three farm laws have catalyzed millions of farmers and their families through large-scale protest, the manner in which the protests have progressed or a perfect example of controlled aggression and vanity. The protest have been done with dignity, equality and resilience. Notably, thousands of activists, political crusaders, intellectuals have been put behind bars and their bail applications or biting dust since a long time. But this has not weakened the farmers and their cause. The shameful act by a few motivated individuals who were able to bring a bad name to the protest group are despicable and condemnable. People are able to see through the government's rhetoric and cunning plot to malign this massive peaceful protest by the farmer community.

The Centre is clearly rattled by the massive gains that the protesters have made in terms of generating buy in for the cause, contributions made by the society and the long-term effects of the protest on the largest democracy in the world. The government is intimidated and threatened by the fearlessness and empowerment that the movement has gained in the last couple of months.  

Most of the people in the forces deployed to restrain the farmers are the children of farmer community. The government's hubristic and senseless self-righteous approach has pitted kisaan and jaavan against each other.  

Mrs. Gurbax Rawat is a consecutively elected Councilor and an Ex-Deputy Mayor of Chandigarh.

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